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Corn Puff Snacks Line Double-Screw Extruder

Unique Food Machinery® manufacturing world class Extruded Snacks Processing Machine processed by baking process in our Snack Baking Oven. Double Screw Food Extruder are incorporated with Corn Puff Snack Production Line, Multigrain Chips Extrusion System Processing & Packaging® offer Multigrain chips production lines. Snack manufactured from the Double Screw Extruded Snack Production Line are Multigrain Chips, Tortilla Chips, Corn Chips, Fitchips Snack, Wavy Chips, Wavy Strip, Sun Chips Extruded Chips Styled snacks processing equipment are manufactured under Unique Food Machinery Double screw Food Extrusion Line extrudes corn, rice or multi-grain then cuts shapes such as triangles, Triangles, octagons, squares, diamonds, waves, etc

Unique Food Machinery® Process starts with raw material mixer, we provide fully automatic raw material mixing system and conveying to extruded for cooking and extrusion process, in the Double screw food extruder shapes is given as per customer market demand and extruded snack industry. We can work together with the customer demand to provided variety of shapes and texture in order to get the product as demand. Either electric or Gas Based burner is used for heating source in the Oven or Drying Unit.offer unique and effective Continuous Baking Machine for Extruded Snack Production Line which gives the right crunch and desired moisture level. Seasoning machines is designed for both Dry powder dosing system and wet slurry dosing system as per demand. Baking System gives Corn Puffs, Corn Ring, Corn Curls, Multigrain Crisp, Soya Crisps. Some snack can also be fried as per texture demands, we also offer continuous frying equipment for Fried Extruded Snack Processing and Packaging.

Corn Puffs Snacks Processing Line uses corn and rice flour and other ingredients mixed together and extrude through the Double screw extruders, the extruders provide the. After extrusion process are precisely baked and proper coating of snacks takes place. This give us crunchy & tasty corn puffs in various shapes. Process include precise mixing, dosing of raw materials, cooking and shaping using advanced extrusion techniques to drying and coating.

Technical Specifications

Model UFM-100-CPLS
Output 100-150 kg/hr
Extruder Type Double Screw
Raw Material Type Corn Powder & etc.
Powder Required 30 HP approx.
Floor Space 3000/3500 Sq. ft.
Dryer Heating Option Electric