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F F S Pouch Packing Machines

Some FFS machines are equipped with gas flushing systems to extend the shelf life of products by replacing air in the pouch with inert gases. Vacuum sealing options may also be available for certain applications.

Some machines may include built-in inspection systems to detect and reject pouches with defects, ensuring product quality.

Advanced models may offer remote monitoring and data logging capabilities, allowing operators to track production and troubleshoot issues remotely.

Temperature Controller: PID Based/Digital T.C.

FFS machines should adhere to industry standards and regulations, especially when packaging food, pharmaceuticals, or other regulated products.

A PLC is used for automation, control, and synchronization of the various machine functions. It allows for precise control and monitoring of the packaging process.

FFS machines are often equipped with a user-friendly control panel and touchscreen interface for setting parameters such as fill volume, speed, temperature, and other operational settings.

A cutting mechanism separates the filled and sealed pouches from the continuous film roll. This can be a rotary cutter, reciprocating cutter, or other cutting devices.

Technical Specifications

Model UFM
Filing Type Cup Filler
Sealing Type horizontal and center sealing
Usage/Application powder spice, pules
Material spice, powder
Packaging Material Pouch
Applicable Industry Food
Automation Grade Automatic
Pouch Capacity 10-50 grams