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Multihead Packing Machine

Multihead Packing Machine is a highly efficient and productive packaging unit that is in high demand within food and beverage industries to produce different-sized sealed packages with a capacity of 50 to 60 packets per minute. It has a sturdy alloyed steel frame that imparts high robustness and rigidity to withstand harsh industrial conditions. Multihead Packing Machine offered by our company has a rated power of 6 Kilo watt and requires a standard alternating voltage of 440 volts for efficient and safe functioning.

Multihead packing machines feature multiple weighing heads, typically ranging from 10 to 32 or even more, arranged in a circular or linear configuration. Each head contains a weighing bucket or hopper.

Load cells are precision sensors integrated into each weighing head. They measure the weight of the product in each bucket with high accuracy, allowing for precise filling.

These are individual containers within each weighing head that hold a specific portion of the product. The number of hoppers corresponds to the number of weighing heads, and each hopper can be independently controlled.

Multihead packing machines are known for their high speed and precision. They can achieve accurate weighing and packaging at speeds of up to 200 packs per minute or more.

Some machines offer the ability to mix different products in each bag, useful for creating mixed snacks or trail mixes.

These machines can accommodate different types of bags, including pillow bags, gusseted bags, stand-up pouches, and more.

Technical Specifications

Model UFM
Automation Grade Automatic
Packaging Application POTATO CHIPS NAMKEEN
Voltage 440
Packaging Speed AS PR PRODUCT
Pouch Capacity 50 TO 60 PPM
Maximum Pouch Size 400
Controlled Through AUTOMATIC
Machine Dimension 500 SQUARE FEET
Max Roll Width 500
Batch Cutting Yes
6 KW 10-50 grams